sports theater

Sports Bar &Theater

Barbara and Nove visited over 100 sports "bars" up and down the west coast in planning for Everybody's sports theatre. We learned that, apparently, if you put up a TV and turn on a game you can call it a sports bar. That's not what we wanted.

A number of the places we looked at had large format screens in addition to all of the televisions. But we kept going back to one place where the screen extended from floor to ceiling. The experience wasn't like being on the forty yard line or courtside in a basketball game, but almost like being on the field itself, right in the middle of the action.

That was more like it.

When we added onto our building we made the ceiling nearly fifteen feet high. Rather than stick up a screen, we found a way to "paint" the entire wall so that it literally became a "living wall" when lit up with our high definition projector. We combined this, with a more upscale atmosphere for a truly unique sports viewing/participation experience.

If you can't get tickets to a Superbowl suite, be sure to come to Everybody's for the big games.