What's a Cookhouse?

It's kind of like the kitchen of a large extended family. Often, what made the diners "family" was shared work or a common project. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, American Cookhouses were the family kitchen for logging camps, traveling shows, and the like. They fed the workers, providing a respite from work, good hearty meals, and an opportunity for camaraderie. They were unpretentious and focused on the basics. Everybody was welcome.

In opening Everybody's American Cookhouse, we wanted to recreate that sense of shared community, and good wholesome food.

Another thing about those early cookhouses is that they didn't have a lot of "prepared" foods. Most everything was made from scratch, with fresh local ingredients. At Everybody's we do the same, whenever possible we use fresh local produce, cure our own meats, and bake right here. It may take a bit more time and cost a little more, but we think you'll agree that the effort is worth it. Enjoy!