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1/2 lb John Wayne Western Burger


Meat Temp:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Sides Selections:French Fries Garlic Fries +$2Cajon Fries +$2Tater Tots +$2Garlic Tots +$3Cajon Tots +$3Cup of Chili +$1Cup of Soup Poppy Slaw Potato Salad Side Salad Sweet Potato Fries +$2NO SIDE Onion Rings +$2Curly Fries +$1Seasonal Veg +$2BBQ Baked Beans +$2Fried Okra +$2Sub Fried Pickles +$4Sub Fried Mushrooms +$4Sub Flowering Onion +$4Sub Loaded Tater Skins +$7Sub Mozzarella Sticks +$7Sub Baked Potato after 4 +$1Sub Loaded Baked Potato after 4 +$3Sub Loaded Baked Potato +$3
Burger Add Ons:Add 2 Bacon strips +$3Add Avocado +$3Add 1 Egg to Burger +$1.50Extra Cheese +$1.50Extra Egg on Dr Seuss +$1Extra Ham on Dr Seuss +$1Extra Patty +$3SUB Gluten Free Bread +$1
Burger Substitution:NO BBQ SAUCE No Onions No Tomato No Lettuce No Bun No Burger Sause No Cheese Chicken (instead of Beef) +$3Impossible Burger (Vegan) +$3NO Burger Set